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      • DT Fowler manufacturers their own pallets using a variety of wood species such as Hardwood, Pine, Aspen and other varieties. We have five automatic nailing machines including two Viking machines and three woodpeckers. Our capabilities include a range of sizes from 30″ to 144″ length pallets. DT Fowler can also accommodate custom hand-built sizes.

        DT Fowler new wood pallets

        Viking Pallet Assembly Machine

        The DT Fowler engineering and manufacturing teams truly understands the fundamentals of pallet design and performance characteristics. Using your racking, stacking and weight requirements we design our customers the most cost-efficient pallet based on several factors:

        new pallets Michigan

        DT Fowler pallets built with Viking machines

        • Determining the maximum safe load weight requirements across multiple wood species
        • PDS 2D CAD drawings provided with all newly constructed pallets
        • Life-cycle and durability analysis along with safe stacking height

        With four onsite ISPM-15 certified heat treat chambers DT Fowler has the ability to handle high volume loads requiring export required heat treated and marked pallets.

        Michigan New Pallets Supplier

        Woodpecker Pallet Nailers

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