• Used/Remanufactured Pallets

    • Remanufactured pallets provide essentially the same strength and quality characteristics at a lower price.

      DT Fowler pallet supplier

      Finished remanufactured pallets

      The remanufacturing takes a recycled, or used, pallet and repairs one or more top or bottom boards using new lumber. DT Fowler utilizes specialized disassembly equipment to dismantle unusable pallets while salvaging the functional components for reuse.

      DT Fowler utilizes a dedicated 100,000 square foot facility solely for reconditioned/remanufactured and used pallets in Downtown Lapeer, Michigan.

      When one or more boards is replaced it requires ISPM-15 heat treatment, we facilitate this process to provide remanufactured heat-treated pallets using one of our 4 ISPM-15 certified and audited chambers.

      reman reconditioned used pallets

      Used and Reconditioned pallets at DT FOWLER

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